Every facet of your flight support needs covered under one roof.​

Ground Handling

Every second your aircraft spends on the ground is accounted by our ground handling team. We take careful practice in assessing each aspect of the ground situation as we prepare and dispatch the aircraft. We take pride in being able to facilitate the full spectrum of ground handling requirements such as aircraft handling, airside transportation, baggage coordination, turnaround management, and more.

  • Provision of complete ground handling services for all aircraft types and requirements.
  • Ability to arrange and accommodate all types of ground support equipment.
  • Capacity to accommodate all forms of locations across the globe, from Sri Lanka to the Maldives, and everything in between, inclusive of remote locations.
  • Thorough follow-ups from the inception of the project till the end.
  • Dedicated supervision on the ground for 360° coverage.


Air travel regulations are constantly under revision, and acquiring air travel permits has become more tedious. Let our team ease this tedium for you as we work to get your overflight and landing permits across to you in the speediest way possible. Wherever you wish to travel, rest assured we can support you in the appropriate clearance of your aircraft.

  • Capacity to facilitate both short & long-term aircraft parking.
  • A comprehensive network of agents that can navigate any circumstance required.
  • Ability to deliver all forms of permits and clearance rights, inclusive of both over-flight permits, block permits and landing permits.
  • Slot arrangements can be accommodated if the requirement arises.


Looking for a flexible charter service that can accommodate your air travel needs down to the specifications you want? If that is the case, look no further than Fits Trip Support Services. Our exclusive network of global operators ensures that your air travel is modelled to suit your exact needs and requirements.

  • Direct arrangements can be acquired with our network of renowned operators, even on short notice.
  • Provision of all forms of charter services including VIP services, diplomatic trips, corporate travel, cargo transport, etc.
  • Availability of swift, health code adherent and efficient emergency services if the need arises.


Our Concierge services seek to heighten all facets of your trip throughout the journey. We promise the utmost discretion as we assemble your bespoke package based on your personal and budgetary requirements. Be prepared for a touch of luxury that is unlike any other.

  • Receive your immigration and customs clearance through priority lanes, and streamlined clearance procedures via our Fast Track services.
  • Accommodation of Meet and Greets on request.
  • Options are provided for travellers to relax in select VIP Lounges from their departure and on arrival.
  • Passenger and baggage handling are included.
  • Immense detail goes into our catering service that can cater to special medical, dietary & religious requirements.
  • Ground transport to the destination is provided through select vehicles of varying luxury.
  • Hotel and tour arrangements can be made through our operators.
  • Other bespoke services can be provided upon request.


Your flight plan is your blueprint of the sky, and our team of experts are ready to provide the ideal blueprint for your trips. Our flight planning services include mechanical data from state-of-the-art real-time detection and routing equipment. However, we emphasize the importance of the human touch in our service, as your data is constantly overlooked by our team of accomplished analysts.

  • 24/7 operations that feature a fully licensed team, that draw from both top-of-the-line equipment as well as their professional expertise.
  • Tailor-made flight plans can be curated upon request.
  • Enroute tech stops are planned for.
  • Weather reports are generated as both forecasted and real-time data.
  • Due safety precautions are executed with each flight plan paying attention to stringent hazard management strategies.
  • Emergency response planning can be accommodated if the need arises.


Fuelling an aircraft is a hassle. And if you trust us with your aircraft fuelling needs, it is a hassle you never have to deal with again. Our aircraft fuelling service accomodates all types of aircraft as well as speedy invoicing service. We also maintain strict sustainable fuelling practices that promise both the longevity of your aircraft’s health and our planet.

  • Our reliable network of fuel suppliers and carriers will always ensure that your aircraft remains fuelled up and topped off for all your trips.
  • Our prices are competitive, transparent, and can occur on flexible terms, as we wish to uphold ethical practices.
  • We have a worldwide supply to facilitate requirements for every corner of the globe.
  • Procedures are set in place for speedy and efficient invoicing.


If an untimely medical emergency arises, our medevac services can assist in transporting your loved ones to safety and receiving the medical care and treatment they require. Our medevac services are standardized to meet current health protocols as we arrange aircraft that accommodate the latest in healthcare equipment and comfort, ensuring the stability of patient health even during the lengthiest of travels.

  • Support for all medical emergency air transport is provided, including; air ambulances, medical repatriation, medical equipment transfer, etc.
  • Air Ambulances procured by FTSS will contain state-of-the-art intensive medical care equipment, with the option of accommodating additional healthcare equipment on request.
  • Suitable aircraft types may be arranged for the patient based on the patient’s needs and availing health concerns.
  • Transport points can be determined on request and accommodate bed-to-bed transfer.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of aircraft managed by FTSS are kept to global health code regulations, effectively minimizing the transfer of harmful pathogens, viruses etc.
  • We use a simplified procedure with a dedicated point of contact.

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